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Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you chose my site to visit today. I’m a recent grad. school graduate (May 2014) and stay-at-home wife as of August 2014. We recently moved to a new area (for me) in March of 2014 – my husband’s hometown. We are living with his parents as we build our new house – ourselves. My husband also decided to start a new business about this time as well – a shipping/transportation company, or a hotshot company (if you know what that means). I gave working in retail a try (at Walgreens), after working in a microbiology lab for 4 years…I lasted six weeks until a family friend got me a teaching job at a local public high school. (I never saw myself teaching high school. I loved teaching college throughout grad. school and college though. That was the plan – to teach at the collegiate level.) After little to no sleep each night prepping for the next day and being hired the day before the kids started school, I gave my notice after two weeks and have been running my husband’s company and traveling with him since then!

A little more about me…

I love to read – Christian Fiction specifically, but love to review just about anything, because TRUE reviews are harder to come by and play an important role in my purchases and think that it is valuable to other people. I am the “furmommy” to two Boston Terriers – Zoey (f) and Bear (m) and enjoy our 75 gallon and 12 gallon freshwater aquariums (when they are active – which currently they aren’t at the moment living with the in-laws…)

I love RUSTIC and country and slightly unique things. I recently bought power line insulators at a Fall Festival a couple of weeks ago (in blue) and can’t wait to find a spot of them in our new home.

I’m a HUGE country music fan. My favorite night out is a small venue with a favorite Country Artist! (Next to date night. Of course… 🙂 ).

My favorite place in the whole world is at the beach in Florida or at a dive (site /or) of a restaurant in Key West.

Please feel free to email me at: rachelle.cooley.williams@gmail.com with questions, comments, ideas, or review opportunities. Please find me on Facebook, InstaGram, Pinterest, and Twitter as well.


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