Holly Michael – Tsunami 2004: Still Wading Through Waves of Hope

January 31, 2015



From the back cover:

December 26th, 2014 marked the anniversary of the monster waves seen around the world. Is life restored back to normal on the shores of Nagapattinam, South India? Will it ever be?

“We’ll go to the most devastated, remote villages where no one else has gone,” Bishop Leo Michael promised a Northwest Arkansas newspaper reporter.

Like a sweeping wave, news of the tsunami fundraiser spread to a national level. Bishop Leo Michael became the ideal vehicle to collect, then ferry aid across the sea. He had lived and worked in the now tsunami devastated region for many years, spoke the native language, and had a counseling degree.

TEN days later, trekking into impassable villages and decimated shorelines, the Michaels helped the widows and the orphans and those most affected by the tsunami.

TEN years later, the Michaels returned to the same villages and encountered surprising changes and a life-threatening situation.

My take:

This feels very much like the sequel to Crooked Lines, but is very much a work of non-fiction. This touching read answered some questions that I had regarding the true affects of the Tsunami and it’s aftermath. Like Holly mentions, you don’t know how much aid actually makes it on the ground unless it is done yourself. This is a VERY eye-opening read and I was sad at some of these outcomes, while very happy for others. This book provides a little known glimpse into the Tsunami ravaged region – then and now. It was released on the anniversary of the Tsunami, which was very poignant, but many of us let the day slip by without remembering this tragic event.

Tsunami 2004 chronicles Bishop Leo and Holly’s efforts in 2004 and their trip in 2014. The ups and downs, the happy moments and the sad moments, and the sudden turn the trip took.

Thank you Holly for telling your and Bishop Leo’s story. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of these wonderful people and their struggles and triumphs.

I don’t have much experience reviewing non-fiction, but couldn’t wait to read this book. Holly writes beautifully and their story is told so well. I look forward to many more good reads from Holly.

*I recieved a copy of Tsunami 2004: Still Wading Through Waves of Hope from Holly Michael for review purposes as part of the Christian EVALUators group. I was not required to provide a positive review. All opinions are my own.

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1 Holly Michael February 2, 2015

Rachel, thank you so much for your kind review and for posting it on your blog. Appreciate it! What a lovely blog.


2 Chelle February 3, 2015

Thanks so much Ms.Michael! A designer friend of mine created it for me.


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