Love in the Wind by Elizabeth Goddard

June 27, 2014


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From the back cover:


Now she’s counting on it to bring her closer to the biological father she’s just met. But her chances of winning the regatta—and his approval—are in jeopardy unless she can find a new crewmate. Enter Grady Stone, a perfect fit for Maddie’s crew in more ways than one.

Maddie and Grady grow close as they spend time together on the water. But Maddie, wary of emotional entanglement, guards her heart closely. And Grady’s here only to help Maddie win the race, then he’s off to a new job. The day of the race will test their ability to sail together—and the trueness of their love.

[“LOVE ONE ANOTHER.” – John 15:12]

My take:

This was the final book in Elizabeth Goddard’s trilogy that I won in the Spring Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt.

I think this was my absolute favorite book in Elizabeth Goddard’s trilogy. I loved the characters of Maddie and Grady (and Tyler). Maddie’s job at the nautical gift store with Lindy seemed like so much fun! It was interesting to find out that there was a lake big enough for sailing in New Mexico. Her life has been turned upside down and then Tyler gets hurt close to what is the biggest event in Maddie’s life right now.  Tyler seems like a guy that everybody knows. The one that likes all the girls, but isn’t tied down to one-until the one. He feels like he has to take care of Maddie, no matter what. Grady is a guy that you can’t help but sympathize with and feel sorry for. I recently was unemployed following graduation with my Master of Science and I can empathize with the long hours trying to find a good job. Grady’s love of sailing has been put on hold for awhile and now helping Maddie has allowed that love to blossom again – in more ways than one, until he finds a new job.

The feeling of this book is what I would like more of in the books I read on a regular basis! I loved it from beginning to end and hated for it to end. The characters were so great! The setting was unique and intriguing…it was a great book all around. If you only read one book in this trilogy – read this one!

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