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February 2, 2015



From the back cover:

What’s a guy to do when he comes home to stay and the girl he wants can’t wait to leave town?

On April 24, 1962, U.S. Air Force Captain Samuel J. Lewis returns home to small Rockbridge, Texas. Six years older, Sam is the boy who moved four houses down when Sarah Jordan was ten. A teenager who nicknamed her Tomboy and teased her like an older brother. That boy is now a handsome military man who makes her heart race, but what does she know of love or life?

After his years away, Sam finds himself drawn to Sarah. The sassy, funny girl he used to tease has grown up into a beautiful charmer with wit and intelligence who challenges him like no other woman. Sarah’s frequent reminders that she’s leaving Rockbridge to attend nursing school, along with her encouragement to date other girls in town, unsettle him.

During the eventful summer of 1962, their friendship grows deeper and blossoms into love. Sam knows he can’t hold Sarah back from achieving her dreams. When an unexpected financial gift gives her the needed funds to enter nursing school, they face saying good-bye earlier than expected. Are Sam and Sarah destined to be together or go their separate ways?

The exciting prequel to the popular contemporary Christian romance series, The Lewis Legacy Series, Prelude is the love story of Samuel J. Lewis and Sarah Jordan, parents to the core character of the series. Prelude lends insights into the Lewis family history in this heartfelt story of family, friendship, and love. A story of never letting go of our dreams, and how faith, sacrifice, and trusting our lives to the Lord’s guidance will always triumph over our human fears and temptations.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

A former paralegal, JoAnn is now pursuing her passion as a full-time author. After living all over the country, she now lives with her family in her native southern Indiana. In addition to Prelude, JoAnn Durgin is the author of the contemporary Christian romance series, The Lewis Legacy Series: Awakening, Second Time Around, Twin Hearts, Daydreams and Moonbeams. Her other books include Catching Serenity, Echoes of Edinburgh, and the Starlight Christmas Series: Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, Starlight, Star Bright and Sleigh Ride Together with You.


My take:

I came across the author – JoAnn Durgin in a Christian Book or Book Review group that I’m a part of on Facebook. I sent her a message inquiring about the review opportunity that she mentioned. We talked about the other authors that I’ve worked with recently and strangely enough found a lot of common ground. It was so fun and nice to chat with her a little bit before reading the book. She commented on the Amazon email address that I provided and I mentioned that it is because I’ve always been a little bit of a tomboy. She said that it’s funny that I said that and would know why when I started reading Predlude – I must admit, with such a gorgeous cover I couldn’t understand how that would have anything in common with the story, but boy does it. 🙂

Reading Prelude, set in Texas in the early 1960s was a time period and location that I felt connected to because my mom was born in Texas about the same time (my grandpa was stationed out there in the Air Force). The time period and the setting of Rockbridge was so charming! I think this is the first time I’ve read a book set in this time and most certainly set in Texas.

Sarah and Tess are very interesting people and quite opposites to be sisters. I suppose that is no different from any other siblings. Debbie is adorable!

Sam oozes charm, that hometown boy trust, and a quite praise and confidence in him.

The people of this town grab you by the heart and you feel right at home and connect with the characters, Rockbridge, and the daily activities depicted in the novel. I suppose that might be because of the areas that I grew up and am currently living that are definitely “small town” – no doubt about it, but I feel at home in an area like that and very much out of place in bigger cities.

Sarah and Sam’s friendship, struggles, and triumphs are very real and relatable. You are cheering for them a little way into the story, probably beginning with the “scene” involving Kathy Parker. It was so nice to vividly read the values of Sam and Sarah and the importance families used to take in their children’s lives and relationships. I was raised the same way (thank you mom and dad – particularly in this day and age – and it’s nice to know that others can experience it, even if through this story, that care and consideration should be taken in your appearance, your relationship with your significant other, and to not be put in uncomfortable or reputation damaging situations.

Sam and Sarah’s relationship starts out with childhood friendship. This was poignant to me, because my husband and I started out as friends in high school. It’s funny the parallels that touch you when you read and you realize it’s because you’ve been there or experienced some of that yourself. They are now adults and are figuring out their lives in and out of Rockbridge, Texas and eventually their life together.

I was sad to finish this story, it was so refreshing and a touching read for me. I laughed and cried throughout the novel and I hope you will do the same.

This is the first book that I’ve read by Mrs.Durgin, so I don’t know the rest of the family like some of her readers, but I’m greatly anticipating reading more about this family and their faith and love stories moving forward with great a great foundation in their patriarch Sam and matriarch Sarah Lewis.

* I was provided an e-copy of Prelude by JoAnn Durgin in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to give a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Have you read any books by JoAnn Durgin? Where should I start? With The Lewis Legacy Series?

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